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Alberta, Canada is a thriving economic region, led by its business hub Calgary and throughout the province. Many international businesses are entering and expanding into Alberta, with many of those businesses benefiting directly and indirectly from the petroleum industry (oil and gas). Nevertheless it is the unique character of each of these businesses and their individual leadership that is the reason for their success.  They succeed because their aggressive entrepreneurial initiative drives them to new heights, but also because they retain dedicated and knowledgeable professional advice to effectively oversee the advancement of their business. Central to this strategy is the retention of the appropriate legal counsel - lawyers who are experienced and focused on Canadian business development, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures, partnerships and contracts.

The advancement of a foreign business into Canada intersects with the law on a constant basis, with the full legal impact often going unrealized for years - when the legal ramifications from certain decisions impact the shape of the business. The impact of legal counsel on business decisions can be highly advantageous, while the failure to solicit appropriate legal counsel can be devastating - depending upon the circumstances.  Business leaders are constantly challenged by the cost-to-value of seeking legal advice on their business decisions, nevertheless, the reality is that the appropriate business lawyer can have a substantive impact on business decisions and project implementation. Although it may at times be merely instilling confidence in a suggested course of action, a business lawyer's experience of working with a multitude of different businesses undertaking diverse projects provides invaluable insight to be applied to your particular business and the prospective actions that your business is to undertake in Alberta, Canada.

Given the importance of providing accurate legal advice, we require that all communications are to be undertaken in English.

Given the importance of providing accurate legal advice, we require that all communications are to be undertaken in English.

For international corporate legal services in Alberta, Canada, contact Alberta business lawyer Christopher Neufeld / Neufeld Legal P.C.: 403-400-4092 /



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