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How you structure your business plays a critical role in its prosperity and success. Although the terms corporation, sole proprietorship, partnership and limited liability partnership may appear to be mere words, to an incorporation lawyer they are the cornerstones for launching a successful new business enterprise. Each of these legal constructs provides its own set of tools and challenges through which business owners will ultimately determine the future of their labours. As such selecting the appropriate legal form of business enterprise is important, yet it is merely the starting line from which a long and arduous race is to be commenced.

To succeed in this highly competitive business world, the legal shell must be given substance. Merely incorporating one's business will not provide a wealth of legal protections (an all too common misconception that has been flogged to the public), given the harsh reality that poorly conceived business actions have the potential to create far more serious problems in the long run (due in part to the mistaken belief that the business has now attained some mythical protection). As with most other legal structuring, the benefits of incorporation are impacted by a multiplicity of external forces, which often negate the benefits associated with incorporation. As such, an anticipated benefit can be negated (often without your knowledge) by other actions and laws, such that the benefits you have read about or been advised upon may not be available to yourself. Unfortuantely, this is the reality of corporate law, and the rationale for your understanding the broader realities of the law.

Two of the primary impediments to your realizing the anticipated benefits of incorporation are the law and subsequent contractual arrangements that you enter into. Statutory law puts clear clear legal constraints on the corporation, as is evident in the Alberta Business Corporations Act. Other federal and provincial statutes also impose rules and constraints on incorporated companies, as does the common law (i.e., via the principles of fraud and negligence). Meanwhile, subsequent contractual arrangements that you enter into can negate or seriously reduce the strategic benefits associated with incorporation, whether its through the requirement of personal guarantees or indemnifiers, the specific relinquishment of legal protections, or such other contractual alterations.

Nevertheless, there are potentially significant benefits associated with incorporation, which can be extremely lucrative if properly integrated into a thriving business, including eliminating or minimizing personal liability, prospective tax advantages (i.e., tax rates and tax deferral), business perception, partnering with shareholders, structuring for investment opportunities, structuring for control, business succession planning, among others. The key, however, is that you work with skilled professionals (lawyers and accountants) such that you understand the applicability of those legal benefits, their limitations and situations that will negate or seriously reduce those benefits.

For corporate legal services with respect to incorporating a company in Alberta, Canada, contact Alberta business lawyer Christopher Neufeld at 403-400-4092 /


Base costs for incorporation (approximate cost of a standard, no frills Alberta incorporation starts at $998.18, subject to below notes + * ^ ,  please call to confirm):

$250.00 - Provincial Charge for Incorporation (mandatory)

$60.00 - Electronic Filing Charge for Incorporation (mandatory)

$45.00 - NUANS Name Reservation (one, mandatory if not a numbered company)

$585.00 - Legal Work Specific to Base Incorporation (basic package includes: drafting of articles of incorporation, preparation of by-laws, incorporation resolutions, registers and ledgers, reporting letter) + * for additional legal work see below

$15.00 - Share Certificates (further corporate supplies are available at additional cost, i.e. corporate seal, minute book binder ^)

$8.50 - Disbursements and Other Charges (low approximation, i.e. postage, printing, copies; whereas such things as couriers represent further charges)

$34.68 - Taxes (unavoidable, where applicable)

$998.18 - BASE ALBERTA INCORPORATION COST - approximate (if a numbered company subtract $46.25)

+ beyond the base incorporation are such matters as licensing, foreign registrations, unanimous shareholder agreements, legal consultations, amongst a range of contracts and legal advice

* Standard hourly legal rate of lawyer Christopher Neufeld for work beyond the base incorporation work is $400 per hour, plus applicable taxes, disbursements and other charges

^ Additional corporate supplies including corporate seal and professional binder starts at $110.00 plus taxes and shipping

Alberta Business Lawyer Christopher Neufeld is capable of serving Calgary, Cochrane, Chestermere, Canmore, Banff, Balzac, Airdrie, Strathmore, Drumheller, Hanna, Irricana, Beiseker, Standard, Okotoks, Olds, High River, Black Diamond, Turner Valley, Longview, Nanton, Vulcan, Crossfield, Carstairs, Didsbury, Cremona and Sundre, together with special projects in Edmonton, Fort McMurray and other parts of Alberta, whether from Canada or from elsewhere in the world. Neufeld Legal P.C. is headquartered at 120 Silvercreek Close NW, Suite 705, Calgary, Alberta. The content of this website is purely for informational purposes and should not be relied upon - as you should consult a lawyer with respect to the specifics of your particular matter.  Please review our legal disclaimer and privacy policy prior to contacting us and be advised that contacting us does not create a solicitor-client relationship..

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